Andrew Munn

Andrew Munn - Seagull Droppings Gallery Decor

Seagull Droppings is now closed by was  run by Andrew and Maggie Munn with an eclectic mix of paintings, sculpture, furniture and found objects drawn from the couple’s love for the sea.  Andrew also has a passion for the circus with both elements expressed through his paint and innovative use of naturally weathered materials.

Andrew can be found in Normanville and is available by appointment.  Please email or phone Maggie on 0413 670 097.

Andrew Munn Seagull Droppings Gallery and Decor

Andrew explains that he loves to use the every day to create his work.

“I use Porter’s paints – I just think the colours are beautiful, fabulous. And also with the canvases I paint – the size and the amount of painting that I paint the tubes wouldn’t last me five seconds. But I just find the colours are perfect. A lot of times I don’t mix them I just put them on as they are – the colours suit.”

“A lot of times when I paint I actually dream about it the night before. I work it out. I never actually draw things before I paint them,” Andrew says.

Andrew has been an artist all his life, working in many fields including fashion design and antiques.  He is most renowned for his sculptures and paintings but also does carvings and is a consultant in signage, interior design and decor.